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Sakra World Hospital – Our Cardiac Partner

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How much Can you Save against USA and European countries?
This is what you save

India (65%-90%)
Malaysia (65%-80%)
Thailand (50%-70%)
Turkey (50%-65%)
Costa Rica (40%-65%)
Mexico (40%-65%)
Taiwan (40%-55%)
Korea (30%-45%)
Singapore (30%-45%)



How do I reach the Falah Al Falah on arrival in India?

Mostly, the cost of pick-up and drop is included in the quotation that we send to you. You or your attendant can contact on this number- +91 7760277949.

What kind of food will be available to me?

We at Falah Al Falah, will do our best to prepare and serve you the food of your preference. However all dietary prescriptions are subjected to your doctor’s advice as per your health status.

What kind of care after my surgery?

People, in India, generally exude a sense of warmth and friendliness that goes way above what you may be used to at home.

Are there any Hidden Costs?

Some hidden costs can occur like unexpected complications, longer hospital stay, extra medication or treatment at the hospital, medicines to be purchased once you move to the hotel, and extra charges specific to hotels / recovery facilities, transportation etc.

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